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A Unique Approach to Effective Succession Planning

"If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up some place else." - Yogi Berra


Not the business, but you, the owner.

Business owners are doers and doers want to do.  They do not want to sit around talking about something that is years away which they don't have time for in the first place.

But destination is a powerful beacon that can and should guide doing.

Not having a destination and not planning for your eventual business outcome has another significant impact, namely, legacy.  What will you leave behind and will it continue to thrive and grow?


Every journey is a lot easier if you have a clear intention of where you want to go.

For the business owner that's not a door marked "exit", but a "goal" or finish line that marks a big win.

Don’t misunderstand. Successful business owners are doing a lot of things right, but that’s different than being guided by a clear personal destination through and beyond the business destination.


There are 3 things you need:


1. A clear vision of your destination


2. Knowing your business outcome target


3. A clear path to where you want to be


I help owners find clarity around their vision.

I help owners build to the business outcome they need.

I work with owners to build a clear pathway from where they are to where they want to be.


Ready, fire, aim.  Sound familiar?

Running a business often doesn't leave time to aim. 


Aiming is planning for the ultimate business outcome.

It's the answer to the question: Where are you going?

Without a plan, the likelihood of "ending up someplace else" is a certainty.

The estimates for businesses are pretty stark:


-Between 20 to 25 percent of listed businesses are successfully sold.


-The other 75 to 80 percent are sold below market or never sell at all.


In its simplest incantation, a business outcome is the result of your "work"; what you end up with.

The origin of why we work has to do with providing for ourselves and our families.


Will the aggregation of your business outcomes provide what you need for you and your family?

The ultimate business outcome is what you end up with after the business phase of your life.

- It is either an accident or luck, a kind of what's

  left over approach, or

- It is what you intended and planned for all along.

You will have an Ultimate Business Outcome, whether you plan for it or not.  Whether it is the outcome you want and intended is a matter of choice.